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TeaTime Tuesday 4

“I’m so bored!” I groaned to myself, as I watched the people pass by from my little abode. Ever since my encounter with that little gang, I had been staying in the shadows more than I usually do. Which meant less stealing and less fun.

I saw spotted a very bright shimmer coming from the crowd. It sparkled like a lonely star in a dark night. I bite my lip, trying to look away but couldn’t help but be drawn to the mysterious shimmer. Jumping down from my little spot on the roof top, I swiftly made my way through the shadows. I followed the stranger who had the little trinket into an abandoned warehouse, slowly pulling out my dagger.

“Drop it.”

I froze, looking back to see the same little gang that cornered me a couple of weeks before. I turned back to see that the stranger was the girl who was with them last time, only in disguise this time. She faced me, smirking as she cockily waved a shiny locket in front of my face.

“You were right, Atlas. She really is like a bird.” One of them chuckled, leaning against the metal support beam.

“I honestly didn’t think that it would work!” The girl laughed, pulling her disguise off.

Atlas had a small smirk on his lips, his eyes twinkling with amusement. “My plans always work out the way I want it to, Andrea. You should know that by now.”

The girl, Andrea, rolled her eyes as she tossed him the locket. I quickly grabbed it midair, glaring at all of them. “Why am I here?” I asked, looking at each of them before looking down at my dagger.

“Well, little birdie-” Atlas started before I cut him off.

“I am not a little bird!” I snapped, flicking my wrist as I threw the dagger right at his head. Their shooter shot my dagger before it could hit their leader, making a loud clang as my dagger fell to the ground.

“Birdie has a temper.” The shooter mocked, aiming his gun at me. Unwillingly, I held my hands up in surrender.

“Now, now, Jeffrey. Let’s lower the guns, shall we? After all, she is Atlas’ guest.” The girl reminded, poking his arm as he lowered his guns.

“I don’t exactly feel like a guest.” I grumbled, lowering my arms before grunting as the two big muscles of the gang put handcuffs on my wrists.

“Well, you will once we explain why you are here….”

Witchy Wednesday 3

“Small fire! I said to set a small fire! That is not small!” I yelled, running out the back door as I pulled Maya away from the big fire. The fire was so hot that it made the summer feel cold!

“It dies down eventually!” Maya explained, her eyes lighting up with joy as she watched the fire. Her magic was still fueling the fire, her hand glowing the same hue as the fire.

“Why is the bench on fire?!” Riley asked, sprinting over to us as he looked us up and down to make sure that we weren’t hurt. He grabbed both of our shoulders and checked each of us out before letting out a tired sigh.

“Cause the idiot wanted smores and I told them to light a small fi-” I scolded, trying to smack Maya’s shoulder but she kept on dodging my hits.

“See? She said I could!” Maya laughed, running away from me as she danced around the fire. Even when she was immortal, she still acted like a child.

“I said a small fire, not a big bonfire!” I lectured, throwing my arms up in the air as I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll get the fire extinguisher…” Riley sighed. He shook his head as he stomped back up to the cabin while he muttered something under his breath. “Every summer. Every freaking summer!”

“What do you mean ‘every summer’?” Maya giggled, her child-like innocence shining brightly.

“You do this every summer solstice!” I groaned, using my magic to calm down the wind so that the whole forest wouldn’t catch on fire.

Riley came out with the fire extinguisher, spraying it at the fire but it was no use. “Oh, great…” He mumbled, throwing the empty fire extinguisher away.

“Rain?” I asked, looking at him with an exhausted expression. He nodded firmly, motioning for me to make it rain as he walked back to the cabin. Maya was still dancing around the fire, laughing with joy as the fire danced along with her.

Rolling my eyes, I closed my eyes and let out all of my pent up anger. Thunder boomed in the distance as raindrops started to pour down on us. I controlled the wind, making sure that it didn’t blow the fire too much.

“My fire!” Maya whined, pouting as she dropped down onto the wet, muddy grass. “I just wanted smores and now they’re soggy…”

“Every year…” Riley chuckled, bringing out an umbrella for Maya. Smiling softly, I watched as the rain put out the fire as the three of us stood in the chill rain.

TeaTime Tuesday 3

“Father, you wanted to see me?” I asked, as I stepped into my father’s study. The ginormous study was filled with maps and books, shelves towering so high that it practically touched the clouds.

My father, the king, looked like he was going over some papers until I stepped in. He looked at me with delight, motioning for me to come in. “Yes, child. I have news!” My father stated, sounding quite happy.

“Oh, how wonderful. What kind of news is it? Please do not tell me we are going to war.” I joked, moving my dress properly so I could sit across from him. My coral dress shimmered in the golden sunlight, little specks of rose gold dots bouncing off walls.

“Quite the opposite, in fact. I have arranged a marriage. Your marriage, Aurora. To the Crown Prince of Pandia, Prince Caliban.” My smile slowly dropped as I heard the words coming out of my father’s mouth.

“No.” I exclaimed, looking up at my father with a glare, keeping my crystal blue eyes on my father, to show that I mean it.
“No?” He looked at me with a matching glare, his eyes turning dangerously cold. “You do not have a choice.”

“I do, in fact. I can choose to say no. I will not marry the prince of our enemy!” I argued, standing up to be eye to eye with the king.

“You will marry him! You are the princess of Solas. It is about time you act like it.” My father yelled, standing up so he could look down on me. “This is how we stop the war. We make an alliance with Pandia.”

“But-” I tried to reason with my father but then I felt a hard slap across my face. My cheek felt a stinging burn as I felt tears build up in my eyes. I turned back to see my father, whose face was bright red out of anger.

“You will marry the Prince. That is an order from your king.” The king declared, slamming his hand down on his desk.

“Fine. I will be your pawn. But just remember this, King of Solas. A pawn can always take down a king.”

It’s been a year since I escaped that horrid arranged marriage.

I was finally free. I have taken up a few tricks to survive life on the streets, which honestly is not too bad. For instance, I learned I have a talent at pickpocketing people. Well, that and being manipulative, especially to men.

I walked around the street market with my hood over my face. I twisted and turned, avoiding people and advertisers when something caught my eyes. A shiny little twinkle, almost like a blinding star. I turned my head to see a shiny necklace chain in someone’s pocket. A smirk crawls onto my face.

Sneakily, I moved carefully to that person, making sure not to draw any attention. I managed to grab it with ease, replacing it with a cheaper version I had in my own pocket. I smiled to myself, making my way to an abandoned alleyway. I held it up to what little light there was in the alleyway, examining it as it sparkled.

“Stop right there.” A stern cold voice ordered, a chill going down my spine.  I froze looking over my shoulder, and saw a little gang of people. Bandits, probably. One of them held a gun in each hand and pointed them in my direction. Two more were on the side, most likely the muscles of the group. A pretty, petite girl who was probably the manipulator of the group. And then there was the leader. Dark and mysterious… how typical. I thought, rolling my eyes.

“And why should I?” I asked, holding the chain out to the side. I slowly turned around to face the little crusade.

“Because you have something of ours.” A girl demanded, holding her hand out for the chain.

“What? This little thing?” I innocently asked, my eyes twinkling with mischievousness as I tauntingly held out the chain before yanking it back.

“Give it back!” She snapped, about to pounce at me before the dark leader held his hand to stop her. I raised my eyebrow, tilting my head as I examined each and everyone of them. The leader had whispered something to the girl, making her huff and keep silent. He’s definitely the leader, cause she seems obedient to him…

“How about this? Tell me why you want it and maybe I’ll give it back.” I smirked, wrapping the chain around my knuckles as I playfully held it to the light to watch it sparkle. The leader looked at me with a confused expression, but his eyes had an intrigued glimmer in his eyes.

“There’s a little girl… that necklace chain belonged to her mother.” He explained, his body language and facial expressions telling me that he was serious. Well, he was either serious or he was a very convincing liar and considering that we’re in the worst part of the slums? He’s probably lying.

I scoff, rolling my eyes. “Seriously? You’re going to use the old little orphan lie?”

“Who said it was a lie?” He asked cockily, tilting his head as he cracked a small little smirk.

“Oh, please. This is the slums, you can’t guilt trip me with the orphan story.” I snapped, my body tensing up as I got ready to fight my way out.

“He’s not lying. He never lies.” The girl said quickly, focusing her eyes on the chain in my hands.

“Everyone lies around here.” I mocked, reaching to grab my dagger.

“I don’t.” He said honestly, his eyes softening from its previous cold demeanor. “I wasn’t lying about the girl. I lied about her mother but I wasn’t lying about her. She’s 5 and she’s dying…”

I froze, gripping the handle of my dagger tightly. I thought about it and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the little girl. There was a chance that he was probably lying again but… if there truly was a little girl who was dying, and she wanted this chain? Then I guess I have no other choice…

“Fine…” I mumbled, tossing the chain to them. “Wouldn’t be worth much to me anyways…”

The girl caught it, sighing in relief as she stashed it into her pouch. “Thank you.”

“Whatever.” I muttered under my breath, turning around and climbing up one of the alleyway stairways.

“Why did you give it to us? Why not just run away with it?” The leader asked, his black cloak flowing in the wind.

“Cause you gave me a reason.” I replied, giving them one last look before jumping up onto the rooftop and running away.

“You want us to chase her down, Atlas?” I heard one of the henchmen ask. I hid discreetly on the rooftop, looking down at them like a raven.

“No need. We got what we wanted. Besides, I’m curious about her.” The mysterious leader, Atlas, replied. He looked up to the rooftop and spotted where I was hiding, showing a dark smirk. “No regular thief just gives something up like that…”



Witchy Wednesday 2

“It’s my duty, Irene.”

“It’s your duty as a witch hunter…” I mumbled numbly, my hands shaking with fear as I slumped down to my knees.

Warwick nodded solemnly as he grabbed his armor and put it back on again. “I wish there was some other way but there is a reason why I’m here. People had suspected your family of witchcraft years ago, which is why your father and siblings were… killed. But now, you just confessed to breaking the law and I have to turn you in.”

I shook my head, my eyes blurring with tears. “My mother… she can’t handle another death…” I whispered, looking up at him.

“You broke the law, Irene. I can’t ignore this.” He sighed, grabbing my arm and pulling me up. My body was weak with despair but I still fought back. I placed my foot down, trying to put all my weight down but it was no use. He was a soldier, trained to drag men twice his size.

I struggled but that only made his grip on my arm tighter, practically bruising me. Tears streamed down my face as I begged him to stop, but it was hopeless. He kicked down the door, dragging me downstairs as I tried to fight.

My mother was sitting downstairs, shaken up as the guards were watching her. “Irene!” She cried, jumping up to grab me. The guards pushed her back as she cried out for me. She tried to force the guards to let her go but they wouldn’t budge.

“Mother! Mother, stop! It’s going to be okay.” I reassured her, despite the fact that I knew that it wasn’t going to be anything but okay. I forced myself to put on a reassuring smile as I looked her in the eyes. “It’s going to be okay. I’ll be okay.”

I grunted as Warwick pushed me out the door, my mother’s wails being heard behind me. I kept my focus on looking forward, not daring to look at Warwick. My hands were shackled up with metal cuffs that were so tight that I thought that my blood flow was going to be cut off.

The witch hunters gathered together and got on their horses, Warwick tying my shackles to his horse. “I’m sorry, Irene.” He whispered as he finished tying me up to the horse. And then we were off to my doom.

TeaTime Tuesday 2

“I hate you.” He growled, but his body told me another story.

His body subtly leaned towards me, as if he subconsciously wanted to be closer to me but didn’t dare to. Almost as if I was dangerous… which I was, but still. His hair was ruffled and you could see his amber eyes shining even in the dim light. I couldn’t tell if it was from fury or love. For all I know, it could be both.  

“Do you?” I asked, taunting him as I smirked and stepped closer to him. “Cause you seem to do so many things that tell me otherwise.”

He grabbed a dagger on the table and yanked my arm, spinning me around. My back hit his chest, his arm holding me while the other held the cold dagger’s tip up against my neck. 

“What’s this telling you?” He questioned, his breath coming in pants as to how close we were. I could feel his heart practically beating out of his chest. Heck, my heart was pounding too but I kept myself in check. My cheeks felt flushed as I could feel his warmth.

“This? This tells me that even though you would love to slit my throat, you can’t.” I whispered, reaching up to push his hair to the side. I felt as his arm shake as he threw the dagger across the room and turned me around to face him.

I looked into his eyes, and all I could see was desire. He grabbed my face, stealing my breath away. We kissed for what seemed like eternity but it was only mere seconds until he pushed me away. 

“Stay away from me.” Was all he said, as he walked away as I stood there breathless.

Witchy Wednesday 1

“How does it feel?” I asked, looking up to the man in front of me with a glare. He tries not to look at me, focusing on his task of keeping me from escaping, but I continue on my rant anyway. “Knowing that you are the reason why so many innocent people are dead. The reason why so many families are torn apart, is because you are the reason why they died.”  

“I didn’t want any of that to happen! It wasn’t my fault, I was just following my orders.” He lashed back, his face filled with grief as his stance that was once firm was now limp and unstable. He looked tired and depressed, his face pale and had dark bags underneath his eyes. 

“Really? It was your duty to kill half of my family?” I stood up on my feet, my ragged dress falling onto the dirty wooden floor as I looked him straight in the eyes. “You were there when they killed my father and three of my siblings. Do you realize the kind of pain my mother felt? The love of her life and half of her children were murdered for no reason.” He tried to not look at my eyes, looking everywhere but my eyes until he couldn’t help but look at my eyes. My eyes started to tear up as I looked into his hazel eyes. “My family has suffered because of your stupid orders.”

“I had orders from my commander, orders from the king! I had no other choice!” He yelled, his eyes flickering between rage and despair. He was breathing heavily, his hands moving to take off his armor quickly. 

“You did have a choice.” I said sternly, keeping my firm look on him. “You’re the son of the most powerful general, Warwick! Surely, you could have said no.” 

“I could have… but then the king would only end up punishing my father for my disobedience.” He whispered, defeated. His armor was on the floor and he was sweating profusely. His breathing was shallow and he looked like he was about to pass out. “I could have saved your family, Irene. But that would have meant sacrificing my own.”

“You’re a broken soul, aren’t you?” I whispered, looking past his disheveled look and into his soul. “I can see it, your soul cracking.”

“So you admit to being a witch?” He asked, looking at me with disbelief. 

I froze, closing my eyes as I thought back to my words. “I wasn’t… you’re going to have to report this and have me beheaded, aren’t you?”

“It’s my duty, Irene.”

Teatime Tuesday 1

“The throne comes with a cost. All thrones come with a cost, James! You know that, as do I. Your parents died, in the midst of a war, all because they wanted to claim more kingdoms than the heavens allowed.” I yelled, watching him pace from my seat. I neatly pushed my hair out of the way and made sure that everything was in place with my crown. 

“I know that!” He spat back, still pacing as he ran his hand through his hair. His clothes were partly unbuttoned, I take it is because he felt consumed by something, thinking it’s making him hard to breathe. He was taking short, heavy breaths and his crown was tilted. 

“Do you? Because it seems like you don’t, especially considering that you declared war with the Izirin Kingdom not that long ago.” I confronted him, keeping my eyes on him as he stilled. I watched as he slowly turned to look at me, his eyes turning cold.

“Are you questioning my decisions as King?” He questioned, looking me up and down. His green eyes stared down at me as I stood up to stand face to face with him, my sparkly crimson dress flowing behind me.

“Of course not, my love. But you are thinking irrationally.” I whispered, as I stroked his auburn hair away from his eyes. He snapped, pushing my hand away. 

“Irrationally? Do not play your tricks on me.” He shouted, stepping away from me. 

“You watch your tone, beloved. Do not forget, I was the one who put you on that throne so you better watch it. Otherwise, you might find yourself without a kingdom and without a crown.” I exclaimed, calmly as he stormed out of the room.  I sighed, watching his tense figure walk out with such anger. An anger that would surely get someone killed.

5 years later, and I still watch over him. I yell at him but he doesn’t listen. I try to reason with him but it doesn’t work. All I want to do is give him a hug and tell him it’s alright when he cries but I can’t. All I want to do is yell and scream at him when he’s being an idiot.

But now, I can’t. All because I’m dead. I watch over him to this day and watch as he drinks himself to death. He darkly chuckled with tears in his eyes, “She was right. Of course she was right. The throne always comes with a cost. But why did it have to be her? Why couldn’t it have been me?” And all I can do is stand there and watch as he tortures himself.


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