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You may have heard of this spooky cemetery in Blanchard, Oklahoma just off highway 76. It happens to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Oklahoma. Sure, cemeteries are bound to be haunted, but what makes this one so special?

Many have reported seeing a tall dark shadowy figure wearing a top hat around the cemetery, and some think it is the man who took care of the cemetery in its early years. With the plot of land he bought in the cemetery, some of his past family members are sure to be there, right? Potentially he is protecting them.

Supposedly people have heard the cry of a child, and sometimes see a little girl walking headstone to headstone. The theory is, it's the little girl that mysteriously walked out the front door of her house in the middle of the night, whose lifeless body was found two days later washed up on the bank of the Washita River not far from the cemetery. It's still a mystery as to what happened, but very odd to say the least.

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