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OSU Vs ASU Football

On September 10th the Oklahoma State football team faced the Arizona Sun Devils in a home game at Stillwater Oklahoma. The games started off a little rough with ASU winning 3-0 with a 27 yard field goal but OSU pulled it together in the second quarter with 2 touchdowns and one 43 yard field goal leaving the score at the end of the fourth quarter 17-3. After halftime the third quarter started out a little rough with ASU scoring a touchdown at the beginning of the quarter, but OSU recovered with another field goal. At the end of the third quarter the pokes were still winning 20-10. During the final quarter it started to pour down rain which had to be had on the players. Even with the setback of rain both teams managed to get more points. ASU got one more touchdown and OSU ended the game with two more touchdowns in the final quarter. The game ended with the cowboys taking the win with the score being 34-17. The pokes now have a 2-0 record this season and we're all hoping they can keep the undefeated title this year!

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