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Thursday, September 1st is the start of the Dove season in Oklahoma. Now, let me tell you what you need to know about finding doves and what are the best times to harvest these beautiful creatures!

there are two different types of dove that are in Oklahoma and are allowed to hunt and harvest. The first dove i'll be talking about is the mourning dove. This dove' bag limit is 15 of these doves per day. The second Dove is called a Eurasian Dove, These doves are much larger than the regular mourning dove and with these doves you can shoot as many as you want! Eurasian doves are considered a non native species so therefore they do not have a limit to what you can shoot. Let us start off with the food source they love to eat. All Dove like to eat is seeds, which are wheat, Milo , sunflower, and any other types of grain. Doves will also eat gravel, doves do not have teeth so they eat gravel and the gravel crushes the seed and that is how they digest their food.

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