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Last Friday, Blanchard High School held its first assembly of the year. The assembly was for Homecoming. The assembly started around 10:20 and went on till 11:45. This year's theme was cartoons.

Freshman's cartoon was the Flintstones, they all wore orange paper over their outfits to look like Fred Flintstone. They did really well with their decorations and outfits.

The Sophomore's cartoon was The Simpsons, students were encouraged to wear yellow or dress up like a character from the show. They had several donuts made of cardboard hanging up in their section along with drawings of characters.

The Junior's cartoon was Phineas and Ferb. They built many things from the show for decorations, such as a giant robot, a life guard tower, and a cabin.

The Senior's cartoon was Spongebob Square-pants. They had decorated their section to look like Bikini Bottom and many dressed up as characters from the show.

Mr. Jackson held a competition of which section was the loudest. We held several rounds and it was extremely close but in the end the Sophomores won. After that we went to lunch then the parade, I was in the E-Sports float. It was a pretty eventful day.

-Sam Gunther

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