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FIRST QUARTER: The Piedmont Wildcats started the game off almost perfectly as they took the kickoff all the way down to the 10 yard line and scored a touchdown 3 plays later. The Lions would then get the ball back, but would go on a quick three and out and have to punt it right back to the wildcats. They would then march all the way down the field on the lions and score another touchdown on a drive that was 80 yards long and ended the first quarter.

SECOND QUARTER: The Lions were down 14-0 going into the 2nd quarter but had the ball and a chance to get right back into the game, but the lions offense could not get anything going again. At this point in the game there was no stopping the Piedmont offense as they continued to just run the ball that led to another wildcat touchdown making it 21-0. The lions had to score here and get something going. On the drive Wide Reciever Reagan Palmer would catch a screen pass and take it 50 yards down to the goal line then Running Back Zach Garret would run it for the Touchdown making it a 21-7 ballgame. The Blanchard Defense would then force a big turnover as Linebacker Bennett Pryor would pick up the fumble and get the lions the ball back. Quarterback Carson Cooksey would then throw a Touchdown pass the Sophomore Tight End Hudson Perriman. The score going into halftime was 21-13

THIRD QUARTER: The Piedmont offense got the ball coming out of halftime and would once again eat up almost 10 minutes worth of clock, but would not be able to score. The lions offense would finally get back on the field after half with only 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The Lions offense was looking sharp and looking to tie the game up.

FOURTH QUARTER: Due to an unfortunate penalty that set them back the Lions were not able to score and the wildcats would get the ball back. They would then go on to score another touchdown after multiple big runs making it a 28-13 ballgame with a little more than 2 minutes left in the 4th. The Blanchard Offense had a couple pass plays that got them down the field, but on the last play of the game for the Lions offense Quarterback Carson Cooksey would throw a pass to Reagan Palmer in the end zone but he wasn't able to hold on to the ball, making the final score, Piedmont 28 Blanchard 13

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